Terracotta Home Composter: A Sustainable Solution for Food Waste

Are you tired of throwing away food scraps and contributing to the growing problem of landfills and greenhouse gas emissions? Then it’s time to consider a terracotta home composter offered by Rise Foundation. A terracotta home composter is a simple and effective solution for managing food waste in your home. This product is made fromContinue reading “Terracotta Home Composter: A Sustainable Solution for Food Waste”

Meerut Nagar Nigam started composting in Tagore Park

Tagore Garden, Shastri Nagar ,Merrut started community composting using RC Bins under initiative “Kabad se Jugaad” made “Khaadbin” under Swachch Bharat- Solid Waste Management activities. Thanks to Meerut Nagar Nigam for wonderful initiative with ICLEI South Asia towards clean air and reduction in green house gases. This bin will help to safe disposal of 1000KgContinue reading “Meerut Nagar Nigam started composting in Tagore Park”

Four Stages of Composting

Composting organic wastes represents an important pathway for carbon flow and nutrient cycling in both developed and developing countries. Composting, often described as nature’s way of recycling, is a self-heating, aerobic, solid-phase process, during which organic waste materials are biologically degraded into an extremely useful humus-like substance. The product resulting from this process is calledContinue reading “Four Stages of Composting”

Radhika Apartments in Dwarka got workshop on Solid Waste Management

Radhika Apartments, Sector 14, Dwarka got workshop on Solid Waste Management from team Rise Foundation in Association with City Spidey. Madhuri Varshney and Madhukar Varshney from Rise Foundation demonstrated how home composting can be done to manage waste, threw light on the eco-brick method to manage waste, and shared effective ways to reduce the extentContinue reading “Radhika Apartments in Dwarka got workshop on Solid Waste Management”

Revolutionary Twin Drum Composter (120Ltr : 60+60)

This is revolutionary composter , having following features:1) Twin drum design to do COMPOST without interruption2) Easy to turn3) Adequate aeration & moisture control4) Drums are made of strong UV stabilized polyethylene5) Fully enclosed for excellent odour control6) Easy way to convert waste into Compost in 2-4 weeks after completion of first cycle of 30Continue reading “Revolutionary Twin Drum Composter (120Ltr : 60+60)”

How to make Compost from Kitchen Waste in easy way

Composting is nature’s or natural process of recycling. Composting biodegrades organic waste into a rich and organic substance called “compost”. Composting is done by billions of microbes (bacteria, fungi etc..) that digest the kitchen waste and turn into compost. I personally do not like to waste my kitchen waste and find satisfaction and happiness inContinue reading “How to make Compost from Kitchen Waste in easy way”

Home composting- So easy to do!!

Garbage burning is a big issue in Urban as well as in rural India. Data by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) shows that between October 7 and November 21, year 2019, 2,900 complaints of pollution norm violations were recorded. Out of these, 966 complaints comprised cases of garbage burning and open dumping of waste. Sadly,Continue reading “Home composting- So easy to do!!”