Building Sustainability: Introducing Happy Home Apartments’ Community Composter

Happy Home Apartments, Sector 7, Dwarka has taken another step towards promoting sustainability and reducing organic waste with the construction of a community composter using a simple yet effective method: a bricks pit on 19th April 2023. In this blog post (completed almost a month), we will take you through the journey of building thisContinue reading “Building Sustainability: Introducing Happy Home Apartments’ Community Composter”

Revolutionary Twin Drum Composter (120Ltr : 60+60)

This is revolutionary composter , having following features:1) Twin drum design to do COMPOST without interruption2) Easy to turn3) Adequate aeration & moisture control4) Drums are made of strong UV stabilized polyethylene5) Fully enclosed for excellent odour control6) Easy way to convert waste into Compost in 2-4 weeks after completion of first cycle of 30Continue reading “Revolutionary Twin Drum Composter (120Ltr : 60+60)”