Environment Protection

Environment Protection is need of an hour and only Solution for Vibrant livable cities. We do Tree plantation. Seed Ball Sowing and City Forest deployments.

Seed Bombing Activity in Uttarakhand 

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.”                                                            ― Chinese proverb

“Green Pahal”

Protect Environment, Create Forest: Seed Bombing Activity in Uttarakhand 

About This Project

Rediscovered by Japanese natural farming pioneer, Masanobu Fukuoka during the Second World War, Seed ball throwing or Seed bombing technique has its roots in ancient Egypt.

The Seed Ball program focuses on increasing green cover across India. The process involves making golf ball-sized mixture of soil, seeds and compost, and scattering it in suitable places for trees to grow. Sensing the pressing issue of depletion of forests due to urbanisation in turn leading to natural calamities, this year Team Rise foundation is all set to leave its greener footprints in such areas.


RISE Foundation team carried out seed bombing in Rishikesh & Dehradun area in Uttarakhand. Due to the new Rail link between Rishikesh to Karnaprayag lot of deforestation has been done in Rishikesh and nearby areas to build new Railway station and railway track.

Rishikesh surroundings in 2010

Rishikesh surroundings in 2018


Among many initiatives to improve green cover, making and distributing seed balls is a quicker and cost-effective method to reclaim the lost greenery of our environment. Hence, it is an emerging afforestation technique adopted worldwide, most commonly used for ecological restoration. As it is best time of monsoon now, coupled with the fun in the sport of throwing seed balls altogether serves for recreation and environmental benefits.


RISE Foundation made the seed balls with the help of volunteers from Delhi-NCR’s nearby village using native seeds, cow dung and soil. The composition of seed ball makes it self-sustainable and favourable for germination in most environments. The ball helps protect the seed within from predators such as birds, rodents and insects and extremes of temperature until the rains arrive! Once soaked, the seed ball will help retain and prolong a moist environment around the seed to encourage germination. Just store the seed ball in a dry place and throw it anywhere you want the tree to grow. Yes! It’s that simple. Nature will take care of the rest.

Our sincere thanks to Deepak Bhardwaj, Sarika Bhardwaj & Priyanka Kaushik, with Ms Madhuri Varshney for carrying out the activity on 11th and 12th August 2019.

More information about the Campaign, contact RISE Foundation

BAN Plastic Campaign

  • Date: 14 November 2018
  • Topic: BAN Plastic Campaign
  • Category: Environment Protection
  • Location: Vegetable Market, Sector 6 & 7, Dwarka

On the eve of Chhat festival, a rally was organized to BAN PLASTIC bags to protect environment at Sec 6, Dwarka vegetable market. The main objective of this rally was to sensitize people the harmful effect of plastic and to motivate them to use cloth bags.

Impact of this campaign was tremendous. People and vendors appreciated the move and some people who were there to purchase vegetables also joined.

Stop Burning Garbage

  • Date: 23rd Oct, 2018
  • Topic:  Stop Burning Garbage
  • Category: Environment Protection
  • Location: Vegetable Market, Sector 6 & 7, Dwarka

द्वारका में कूड़ा जलाया जाना एक नित्य कर्म बन गया है, RISE Foundation टीम ने कुछ और संस्थाओं के साथ मिल कर इस ज्वलंत मुद्दे को उठाया और सरकारी तंत्र से इस पर त्वरित कार्यवाही की मांग की है।

Thanks to RISE Foundation Members Mr. Munish Kundra and Mr. Madhukar Varshney for organizing and participating the protest event.

Heartily thanks to all vigil civilians of Dwarka.

Save Baya Bird

  • Date: 30 July 2017
  • Topic: Save Baya Bird
  • Category: Environment Protection
  • Location: Near Sector 10 Metro Station, Dwarka

Bird watching is catching up among residents of Sector 10, Dwarka, after environmentalists and bird lovers engaged in sensitizing the community on saving them, as they are important to nature and play their designated role.

These days, the weaver bird, Baya, is the centre of attraction of the residents, as a site in Sector 10 is the spot where these winged visitors arrive in droves. People visit the site and take pictures. There is a dedicated WhatsApp group that has evolved working to save the habitat of Baya in the area.

The group comprises social activist working with visually challenged persons and poor kids for education, Poonam Tyagi, a member of Dwarka Collective Shameera Ashroff, a social activist working on woman and education, Madhuri Varshney, RTI activist Ramesh Mumukshu and RTI activist Shobhit Chauhan.

Madhuri Varhsney, one of the group members told City Spidey, “It was an amazing experience for all of us. Seeing these birds in Dwarka, I have started informing the authorities about it and hope that they would do something to save the birds and their habitat.”

She added, “We are also planning to focus on more such things related to the fauna in the ecology of the area. These birds have shown a ray of hope that we could do something in this direction to save them. Another thing that makes us happy is that these days, we can spot a few sparrows also in this region,” Varshney said, adding, “I must say, there is a need community action to save the birds.”

Seed Balls Sowing in Dwarka

  • Date: 8th July 2017
  • Topic: Seed Balls Sowing in Dwarka
  • Category: Environment Protection
  • Location: Shahbad Mohamamdpur, Bharthal & Dwarka

Seed balls are the new trend in green drives these days, and Dwarka has embraced it with gusto. Residents of various societies associated with social organisations sowed seed balls in the green and vacant areas in and around Dwarka today. Not only that, they also participated in a seed-ball-making workshop organised by Uttishtha Bharata and Art of Living a week ago.

Social organisations such as the Rise Foundation, Goonj and Art of Living participated in today’s programme. They demonstrated the use of these seed balls, throwing them into the vacant lands of the sub-city, telling those gathered how this could help transform barren lands into lush areas. Interestingly, these seed balls were made by them in the workshop held a week back.

The seed balls were sowed in areas such as Shahabad Mohammadpur, Bharthal and other areas adjacent to Dwarka. A social activist and secretary of Rise Foundation, Madhuri Varshney, said about her experience, “Sowing these seed balls was a great experience. Even though I missed the workshop, I participated today to know more about how these can be used to help the environment. We would like to promote such activities in the community.”

For more details, please visit link : https://www.cityspidey.com/news/3873/seed-balls-the-latest-in-dwarkas-green-initiatives/

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