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Rise Foundation team is engaged in Solid Waste Management Products and Services since 2011. We have team of experts with cumulative experience of 75+ years of corporate experience to handle all aspects of businesses. We conduct awareness sessions, Workshops and provide Individual and community composting solutions for CGHS, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Corporates, Restaurants, Shopping Centers etc.. end to end. We help people to create economical, affordable and sustainable Waste Management Solutions.

We are happy to discuss a brand new composting solutions or you already have existing set up (irrespective of who set it up) and are facing issues such as flies or bad odor. We offer you our extensive experience working on a variety of waste management projects over the last one decade. Our approach extends to not just composting consultancy, but to the broader area of waste management and green living. By taking a closer look at your operations, we work with you to determine how sustainability makes sense for your community or home.

To achieve this, the consultancy offers the following services:

  • Bring the client face-to-face with the source segregation process as prescribed by the SWM 2016 law through simple techniques to achieve 100% compliance
  • Help the client choose and install a suitable and cost-effective composting system for kitchen waste keeping space and budget constraints in mind.
  • If the garden waste/rejects are high, then help the customer set up a composting system to deal with leaf litter/garden waste.
  • Train the staff in composting at the customer’s location and arm them with composting and troubleshooting tips.
  • Guide the customer till the first batch of compost is prepared and brought out.
  • Help the customer with responsible dry waste safe disposable and recycling.
  • Finally, help the customer to grow an organic garden or transform the one from chemical to a pesticide-free garden using the compost enriched through simple, scientific procedures.

The beauty of being a in-campus self-sustaining composting facility :

  • The pride of becoming a community that manages its own waste in the most responsible and sustainable manner and helping to get pressure from landfills.
  • No more dependence on municipality and/or saving on user charges for handling wet waste by municipality ( may applicable or not in your case).
  • No more contribution to air, water and soil pollution through irresponsible dumping of mixed waste.

If interested, please write to: mail2risefoundation@gmail.com. For more details, please download Rise Foundation SWM Product and Services – Brochure.

Together, we help to build an Simple , Practical and Economical actionable plan that gives you Green Results.

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