Kh@dbin 3TL-Terracotta Composter + Starter Kit

3 Tier Large Terracotta Composter – Compost Bin + Starter Kit (DIY) for Converting All Kinds of Kitchen & Food Waste Into Organic Compost

Price : Rs 2800/- per Kit “Free Delivery in Delhi -NCR” , for order in Delhi NCR +91 9717764262

Product Details:

  • Volume 85L 
  • Handling Capacity – 1.0 Kg/day
  • Suitable for 1-6 member family
  • Dimensions – 14″ x 42″


  • Terracotta and holes makes perfect aeration system
  • Easy Assembly -Ready to use in less than 10 minutes
  • No Special Skill Required
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Fast & Efficient Composting round the year
  • This Terracotta Composter is Handmade by Indian Potters
  • Ideal for a Family of 1 to 6 generating upto 1 Kg/Day of Organic Waste.
  • Convert Kitchen & Organic Waste to compost in 4-6 Weeks
  • Contains No Plastic or any Toxic Elements
  • The DIY Kit includes – 3 Terracotta Pots, 1 Terracotta Lid, 1 Kg Cocopeat, 1 Kg Compost, 1 Rake (tool), 1 Seive and Soft copy of Instruction manual.

Product Description:

Terracotta Home Composter is a vertically stacked composting system designed to occupy a small space within your household while also complimenting your garden or balcony with its earthy aesthetics.

This helps you to effectively get rid of your kitchen waste and make something meaningful out of it.

Our classic, stackable terracotta composter is easy to use when shifting units from top to bottom. Good for a family of 1-6 and up to 1Kg of daily kitchen waste, it looks great in your kitchen garden, Roof top garden, Terrace or can be placed in balcony of your apartment. Holes in the terracotta allow fresh air to flow in and out, promoting the composting process – that means no odors or mess!

This is only available in Delhi -NCR at this moment.

This is a delicate product and requires a special delivery arrangement.

For individual or bulk ordering, please contact or whatsapp at +91 9717764262 or mail for at

Link for guide on “How to use Terracotta Composter to make Compost at home“.

How to make compost using terracotta composter : Place newspaper at the bottom of the topmost tier. Add a layer of cocopeat or other browns material( sawdust, cardboard, dried leaves) Add a layer of kitchen waste. Mix it thoroughly using a rake. Keep alternating cocopeat and kitchen waste till the bin is full. Move the topmost tier to the bottom, and move the bottom bin to top. Continue filling this bin like so. By the time you have filled the last tier, your bottom tier would have composted. You can add culture or microbes or butter milk to speed up the process. Harvest ready compost by sieving. Add uncomposted bits to the next composting cycle. 

How to use compost : Mix it with soil to add nutrition for your plants. 

Benefits of composting : Add nutrition to your garden soil.   You get ready made manure from your own kitchen waste. No need to buy compost. Manage your kitchen waste yourself.

Price : Rs 2800/- per Kit “Free Delivery in Delhi -NCR” , for order in Delhi NCR +91 9717764262


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