Solid Waste Management

RISE Foundation is Instrumental in creating awareness and providing residential and community solution in Dwarka, Delhi. Some of the important Activities captured here.

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Composting Workshop

  • Date: 12 May 2018
  • Topic: Waste segregation and composting Awareness
  • Category: Solid Waste Management
  • Location: Airforce and Naval Society, Sector 7, Dwarka

Segregation and composting’ are not an option but a responsibility for every citizen and Government, asserted Madhuri Varshney, an environmental activist and social worker in Dwarka.  Talking on the 4th monthly Lecture in its 24 Environmental lecture series organised by Green Circle, she introduced a 2 Bin and One bag method wherein red bin will be used for dry waste while green bin will be used for wet waste. Simultaneously households must maintain a bag for recyclable items. She suggested sending recyclable waste to ragpickers. Further delivering her lecture with a power point presentation on Segregation and Composting, Mrs. Madhuri of Rise Foundation said that end-to-end segregation must be ensured to manage garbage effectively. She added that it is not only the duty of Government, but every RWA, Society must ensure segregation at source. Dwelling on the lacuna in the system, she said garbage dumps are overflowing and is posing a severe threat to environment as well as people’s health.

She also dealt in detail about the composting methods such as aerobic and anaerobic and vermin-composting methods to address the ever-growing organic waste. She also talked on community composting and explained how each society could successfully enforce composting to dispose horticulture waste. 

Composting Workshop

“Waste segregation is a responsibility, not an option.”

Neighborhood app City Spidey, in association with RISE Foundation, conducted an event to raise awareness of proper waste management in societies. The event is being organised at True Friends Apartments in Sector 6, Dwarka.

About 30 residents, including members of the managing committee, attended the workshop.

Secretary of RISE Foundation, Madhuri Varshney, shared view points on importance of waste segregation at source and aware residents why this is need of hour. She said if we really sensitive towards our environment then we have to initiate our own without having dependency on govt machinery. A single step one day will become a revolution. She told residents that we are garbage generator, so solution should come within us. She showed residents how to compost at source and shared easy tips for composting and management of horticulture waste.

Composting at Home – Interview 

  • Date: 11th Aug 2017
  • Topic: Composting at Home – Interview 
  • Category: Solid Waste Management
  • Location: Ekta Apartment Sec- 3 , Dwarka

Several residents of Dwarka are no longer dependent on their garbage vendor. While some have been doing waste composting in their homes for a year now, many others have taken up this initiative in the course of the past one month. Educating neighbours on this subject has also become a passion for this enterprising bunch of environment enthusiasts, social workers and housewives.

City Spidey recently caught up with a few of them. Madhuri Varshney, a social worker and environment enthusiast who utilises her compost in her kitchen garden, says, “I want the entire society to become waste-free and all the wet waste to be converted into compost in people’s homes. You can see the pits that I have made using two plastic buckets. This initiative entails very little money. Composting is actually just a habit that translates to a waste-free home”.

Varshney is always seeking innovations in composting and has been practising the aerobic and anaerobic methods. Varshney’s success at composting went on to inspire one of her friends, VK Priya, a resident of Ekta Apartments. Priya, too, shared her story with City Spidey. “I experimented with a mixer grinder. I started using it to crush waste and found it very effective. This technique also reduces the composting time. I am learning something new every day and happy that I am contributing to environment conservation,” she shares.

Composting Workshop 

  • Date: 7th May 2017
  • Topic: Composting Workshop 
  • Category: Solid Waste Management
  • Location: Jhelum Apartments Sector -5, Dwarka

The managing committee of Jhelum Apartments, in Sector 5, Dwarka, with the help of RISE Foundation, organised a workshop on solid waste management on 7th May 2017.

Madhuri Varshney from RISE Foundation working on the concept, was also present at the workshop. Varshney gave a presentation on the subject and demonstrated simple ways to manage waste effectively. She cited examples of the societies successful in implementing the concept and encouraged residents to embrace the idea. She also volunteered to help set up a system in the society.

The society’s children participated in a competition in which they had to use dry waste to create something of use. They were also given prizes for their efforts. I started using it to crush waste and found it very effective. This technique also reduces the composting time. I am learning something new every day and happy that I am contributing to environment conservation,” she shares.

Solid Waste Management Awareness

  • Date: 24th May 2016
  • Topic: Solid Waste Management Awareness
  • Category: Solid Waste Management
  • Location: Dwarka, New Delhi

Door to door campaign by Madhuri Varshney and Geeta Upadhyay of RISE FOUNDATION on waste management with the help of IIT students. The campaign was started from Defense Officers Society, Sector-4 Dwarka. Volunteers visited every resident explaining the concept. Involvement of community in segregation and disposal of solid waste in the sub city is very important and volunteers got overwhelmed response of the residents.

A description of the project and the works presented.

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