Radhika Apartments in Dwarka got workshop on Solid Waste Management

Radhika Apartments, Sector 14, Dwarka got workshop on Solid Waste Management from team Rise Foundation in Association with City Spidey.

Madhuri Varshney and Madhukar Varshney from Rise Foundation demonstrated how home composting can be done to manage waste, threw light on the eco-brick method to manage waste, and shared effective ways to reduce the extent of single-use plastic.

On the occasion, residents of Radhika apartments and other societies interacted with the team of Rise Foundation and talked about composting at an individual level and community level.

Madhuri Varshney explained how and why Segregation of Waste is important at each household level. Additionally, she explained how to use “Terracotta Home Composter” at home as one of the easy solution to make compost from Kitchen waste in easy steps.

President of RWA, Radhika Apartments, Surendra Mishra thanked CitySpidey for the event and said that more such events should be organised across Dwarka to promote eco-friendly practices in societies.


Published by RISE Foundation

NGO Working in Waste Managament, Environmrnt Protection and Women Empowerment

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