Adarsh Apartments Dwarka learnt about Waste Management from the Experts

On 20th Feb 2022 , bright sunny day, Management team and residents of Adarsh Apartments, Sec 3, Dwarka discussed and learnt about Solid Waste Management, Climate Change and Plastic Pollution from the experts from Rise Foundation in association with City Spidey .

Ms Madhuri Rawat Varshney, Social Activist covered the session on Solid Waste Management, Landfill and the Expenses done by municipality for shifting the garbage from Dhalao to Landfills.It is learnt that whopping crores of rupees spent only for transportation of this waste.

The 2nd part of the workshop covered by Mr. Madhukar Varshney, Technology Expert turned Social Entrepreneur cum Environmentalist. As per him the rising carbon emission is leading to global warming leading to temperature rise and severe danger to humanity in coming decade. He emphasize that Home composting and Community composting is also validated solution to reduce green house gases from kitchen waste.

The last session was delivered by Ms Anuradha Ganguly, Social activist from Dwarka. She shared the information about Plastic Pollution, Ocean Pollution and by making Ecobricks at home can control the littering of plastic waste . She mentioned that Rise Foundation is torch bearer in Delhi-NCR for making sturtures like benches, Tree guards etc…using Ecobricks. This is good example of Best from Waste.

At the end, the Mr. Devesh Mundepi and Mr. Thakur residents and part of management team, shared the experience of making compost out of Kitchen waste using Terracotta home composters. Mr. Devesh appreciated the process and quality of compost using this composter. He advised others to join the “Composting Revolution” campaign of Rise Foundation and keep city clean and do your bit to fight climate change.

We look forward to meet more people to create awareness about Waste Management, Composting, Climate Change and Plastic Waste Pollution.

The news covered by Cityspidey : Residents become aware about composting at a workshop by CitySpidey

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