Make 100% Organic Compost at Home using Kitchen Waste

1. Get an earthen pot or plastic bucket or Plastic drum with lid of 40 -60 lt* with air holes (*Note: Usually 500- 700 gm per day waste per household )
2. Segregate Kitchen/Food/Wet waste ( Fruit ,Vegetable, Tea, Egg shells, any leftover cooked food) from Dry Waste ( Paper, Plastic , any other ) and add into the bucket.
3. Add layer of dry leaves or cocopeat to absorb moisture over wet waste in the pot/bucket
4. Churn the waste on every 3rd or 4th day using Rak or similar tool in the pot/bucket
5. Add daily wet waste in to the pot/ bucket and follow the steps 2 to 4 till 30 days
6. Hurray – After 30 days – get Organic Compost

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