Collaboration with HIMAL for New initiatives in 2021

In the last week of Dec 2020, RISE Foundation team visited Danya near Almora (Uttrakhand) for discussion and collaboration with HIMAL (NGO) (Himalayan Institute of Multiple Alternatives for Livelihood).

In past, we provided the monetary support to 6 children affected with HIV/AIDS for their monthly expenses and care taker.

In year 2021, RISE Foundation , Founder Member – Madhukar Varshney , Secretary – Madhuri Varshney and other members and HIMAL President – Mr. Ramesh Kr. Mumukshu & Mr. Basant B. Pandey ( Treasurer and Convener) to work jointly in following areas to improve the livelihood & income of the people in the locality using networking in Delhi and near by areas:

  1. Promotion of HIMAL Home Stay
  2. Promotion of Organic products i.e. Kapoor Tulasi , Rajma and other local stuff
  3. Possibility of Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Danya area for upliftment of mental health of residents and package tours from Delhi and other areas to explore new income streams for youth
  4. Initiate a holistic programme to assist people living with HIV/AIDS.
  5. Awareness about Solid Waste Management and Plastic waste safe disposal

RISE Foundation will work out the frame work of above activities. We look forward wonderful 2021 ahead.

There are many places in the vicinity of Danya to visit by the tourist. For more information :

Easy Access : Train : kathgodam Railway Station it’s 152 KM from Haldwani
52 kilometre from Almora
110 kilometre from Nainital
60 kilometre from Pithoragarh
Contact person:
Basant Pandey :. 9927672481
Ramesh Mumukshu 9810610400


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