Brahma Apartments – First Zero Waste CGHS of Dwarka.

RISE Foundation is working with Management committee of Brahma Apartments, Sec 7 Dwarka to make it first Zero Waste CGHS of Dwarka. We are happy to announce that after working with MC of CGHS for last couple of weeks, we are able to make it Zero Waste CGHS.

What is Zero Waste CGHS?

The Zero Waste CGHS Model, is a waste management system that aims to minimize the amount of waste disposed of outside the CGHS boundaries, i.e. in landfills, through more effective use of resources, time management and problem solving. Zero Waste is also a sustainable waste management system: it is economically and technically feasible, socially acceptable, and environmentally sound.In view of above, Brahma Apartments is able to manage all the following waste with in the society and giving the recyclable waste to recycler.

1. Wet Waste – there is almost 65-70 Kg wet waste is generated. This is treated thru Organic Waste Composter daily. 2. Dry Waste (Plastic, Paper, Glass etc..) – It is collected every 3rd day and handed over to recyclers 3. Horticulture Waste – Cage composter is installed to handle this waste stream. Per cage composter can handle 100-150Kg of horticulture waste. 2 more such cage composter are planned to installed 4. Small e-Waste (Alkaline batteries, Headphones and printer cartridge) : There are collection boxes deployed in each block ( total 07) to collect this waste stream and will be handed over to authorized e-waste recycler for safe disposal. 5. Flower Waste : There was a special demand from many residents that to make a separate pit for floral waste which is used in daily rituals in the society in the absence of floating it in the river as old religious practice. 6. Domestic Hazardous waste like bulb and tubelights will also be collected and dispose off safely monthly.

By above Waste management practices, now, only waste like diapers, sanitary pads, medical waste etc. are handed over to SDMC waste collection team. Managing Committee President Mr. Indramani Mishra ( Sr Scientist in Pusa Institute) mentioned to use the Pusa decomposer technology to this Wet waste . Pusa decomposer is in the lime light now a days as it is opted by Delhi govt as one of technology to try for Paddy burn problem in Delhi, Haryana , Punjab etc… We look forward to replicating these practices to other CGHS in Dwarka.


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