Happy Home Apartments Dwarka learned Climate Change and Waste Management

Climate change is a global issue that affects every individual, community, and nation on the planet. It is caused by the accumulation of greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide, in the atmosphere, which traps heat and leads to a rise in global temperatures. The effects of climate change are far-reaching, from extreme weather events to rising sea levels and loss of biodiversity. To address this issue, the management of Happy Home Apartments, Sector 7, Dwarka (Delhi) organized a Climate Change and Waste Management Workshop in collaboration with Rise Foundation on February 7, 2023.

The workshop aimed to educate the residents on the causes and effects of climate change and the role that waste management plays in mitigating its impacts. The workshop covered various waste management practices, including composting, recycling, and waste reduction, with a focus on practical solutions that can be implemented in an apartment complex setting.

The participants, comprising of both young and old residents, were enthusiastic about the workshop and eager to learn. The experts from Rise Foundation shared their knowledge and experience, highlighting the importance of reducing waste and lowering carbon emissions. They also demonstrated how to make ecobricks from non-biodegradable waste, which can be used to build furniture and other structures.

The workshop was highly interactive, with participants sharing their experiences and ideas on how to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment. One of the main takeaways from the workshop was the importance of individual responsibility and the role that each resident can play in addressing climate change.

The management of Happy Home Apartments was pleased with the success of the workshop and the positive response from the residents. “We are committed to creating a sustainable living environment for our residents, and this workshop is just one of the many initiatives we are undertaking,” said Mrs. Sarita Rajput, the member of Management committee of Happy Home Apartments. “We hope that the knowledge and skills gained from the workshop will be put into practice by our residents, resulting in a cleaner and greener living space for all.”

The Climate Change and Waste Management Workshop organized by Happy Home Apartments and Rise Foundation is an excellent example of how apartment communities can work together to address global environmental challenges. By educating residents and providing practical solutions, apartment complexes can reduce waste and lower carbon emissions, contributing to a healthier and more sustainable future for all.

Our team of experts Mrs Madhuri Varshney , Mr. Madhukar Varshney and other team members in waste management, marine pollution, and ecobricks shared their knowledge and experience on various waste management practices, including composting, recycling, and waste reduction.

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For conducting the workshop or awareness session, feel free to contact us at Contact: Name: Madhukar Varshney ;Email: mail2risefoundation@gmail.com; Phone: +91 9717764262


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