Sonepat School is exploring the Environment Protection methods with Rise Foundation

Gateway International School Sonepat visited Dwarka

Today on 1st Nov 2022, 36 Students of Gateway International School, Sonepat (Haryana) class 8th visited the Brahma Apartments , Sec 7, Dwarka (Delhi) to learn and understand the process of Solid Waste Management & Miyawaki Afforestation initiatives by Team Rise Foundation.

Today Environment protection is on priority. Solid Waste management is one of the important task for cities to handle.The increasing volume and complexity of waste associated with the modern economy is posing a serious risk to ecosystems and human health. Every year, an estimated 11.2 billion tonnes of solid waste is collected worldwide and decay of the organic proportion of solid waste is contributing about 5 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Poor waste management – ranging from non-existing collection systems to ineffective disposal -causes air pollution, water and soil contamination. Open and unsanitary landfills contribute to contamination of drinking water and can cause infection and transmit diseases. The dispersal of debris pollutes ecosystems and dangerous substances from electronic waste or industrial garbage puts a strain on the health of urban dwellers and the environment.

The solution,applying the 3R principle, in the first place, is the REDUCE (minimization) of waste. Where waste cannot be avoided, REUSE or recovery of materials and energy from waste as well as re-manufacturing and recycling waste into usable products should be the second option. RECYCLE-Recycling leads to substantial resource savings. For example, for every tonne of paper recycled, 17 trees and 50 per cent of water can be saved or every 1 Kg of food waste to composting saves approx 2Kg of CO2 equivalent Green House Gas emission. Moreover, recycling creates jobs: the sector employs 12 million people in Brazil, China and United States alone.

Mr. Madhukar Varshney (Founder Rise Foundation) and Mr. Munish Kundra (Member -Rise Foundation & Member RWA -Brahma Apartments) shared the information about the Waste Categories, Importance of Waste Segregation, How to safe dispose the Waste , Composting Process and Ecobricks from Plastic Waste.

The Students were exposed to the live use case of Aerobic Composting using various type of composters i.e. Terracotta Home Composter, Twin Drum Composter , Vermi compost (trail setup) and Cage Composters. Brahma Apartment is pioneer in Segregation and Safe disposal of Waste. The society got the First prize in row for last 2 years from Delhi Municipality in south zone.
Additionally, knowledge related to Ocean Pollution and Plastic waste also discussed with the students.Munish shared the process of filling the PET bottle with Single Use plastic or other type of plastic which is not recyclable or no recycling facility available in the city.

At the end, student learn the Miyawaki afforestation technique in berif and visited 2.5 year micro forest developed at Brahma Apartments and recently establised Urban forest at Shaheed Flt Lft Sunit Mohanty Memorial park and did plantation as “token of participation”.

Vote of thanks was given by School teacher Dr. Poonam Rani along with Mrs Pooja & Mr. Deepak Antil.

Team Rise Foundation appreciate the efforts of Mr. Ojha (Principal , Gateway International School, Sonepat). He took the quick decision to plan this outdoor visit for the school students shown his commitment towards the students to provide real knowledge along with wonderful academics. For such educational visits , please reach us at +91 9717764262 (Madhukar) or +91 98187 39265 (Munish).

About Gateway International School:


“To concoct and nurture citizens of tomorrow – rounded, rooted to the soil, reaching out to the future.”

  • To ensure an environment facilitating holistic learning.
  • To foster a culture of teachers as mentors, collaborators and active participants.
  • To instil self-awareness.
  • To equip with knowledge, innovation and life skills.
  • To encourage the realization of optimum potential.
  • To prepare for risks and challenges.
  • To nurture social responsibility with individuality.
Core Beliefs:
  • It is a step into the world of quality education that provides and maintains:

…excellence driven by values
…success strengthened by ethics
…modernity fortified by tradition

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