Rise Foundation Plantation Drive started for this monsoon season

“One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken”- Leo Tolstoy.

Rise Foundation team dare to leap in every possible situation when things comes to environment protection. This Sunday 10th July, 2022, Rise Foundation team along with members of Seniors Hub Dwarka and followers of Brahaman Kumaris done plantation at MCD Park of sector 7 near Rampal Chowk.

This Park is in absolute pathetic and deprived condition badly ignored by the authorities. These super energetic people took this challenge to make it bit green for the local resident.

Madhukar Varshney, founder Rise Foundation said- Our planet’s alarm is going off, and it is time to wake up and take action. Best way of ecosystem restoration is plantation drive and Miyawaki forestation at war level.

As per Munish Kundra, resident of Brahama Apartment said- every single human being must be in harmony with nature.

Ms Ritu from JDM Apartments, Sector 5 also participated in the plantation along with her daughters. She appreciated the efforts made by team Rise Foundation and also a great learning for young girls about the current environment situation and actions.

As per Madhuri Rawat Varshney, Social activist, “Social engagement is must for any cause. When the rest of India witnessed “above-normal” monsoon, Delhi kept waiting to beat the heat resulting significantly increases power consumption. We all must understand our life style is mainly responsible for climate disruptions that take a toll on our life directly or indirectly.

Team Rise Foundation is committed for Environment Protection. If you are interested to do plantation or Miyawaki Afforestation in your area. Feel free to reach us thru email : mail2risefoundation@gmail.com or whatspp at +91 9717764262


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NGO Working in Waste Managament, Environmrnt Protection and Women Empowerment

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