Adarsh Apartment got its Benches made from Ecobricks

In continuation of of Team Rise Foundation engagement towards Zero Waste Society, Adarsh Apartment, Sector 3, Dwarka residents specially kids shown willingness to make ecobricks from plastic waste so that this plastic maniac can be arrested at source. The activity was happen on 9th and 10th July 2022

Many kids made ecobricks in last one month and contributed to us for making 02 benches from ecobricks. Total 80 ecobricks are used of different sizes , this constitute approx. 20Kg of plastic waste.

Benches were made with the help of Baljeet Singh Sir and Inderjeet Singh Sir. They are quite passionate about ecobricks and making useful structure from this waste form. They mentioned that the objective of bench is not to promote the plastic usage , but to create awareness between the citizens in the locality. Atleast some people will try to understand the issue behind plastic waste and few may turn up to take initiative to make ecobricks.

Madhukar Varshney – Founder, Rise Foundation says that making ecobricks is a sort of stop gap arrangement till we don’t get strong collection and recycling services in Dwarka. He categorically mentioned that any plastic waste which we are already throwing in the dustbin is not sure about the segregation and recycling so finally it may landed up to landfill and contribute in Waste mountain and Green House gas emission.

For RWA Management team, Mr. Ashwani Thakur and Mr. Devesh Mundepi cooperated and arranged the raw-material for making bench. RWA’s whole team shown great enthusiasm towards the event and would like to extend the program at larger scale in the society.

Ecobricks are used to make many things such as furniture, walls and buildings. It allows communities and companies to get control of their plastic waste to create modular furniture, garden spaces, walls and even full-scale buildings.

How does it help the environment?

  • EcoBricks prevent plastic waste from disrupting the ecosystem:  Usually, when thrown away, plastic breaks down into tiny pieces and contaminates the area where it is. EcoBricks arrest and seal the plastic away preventing the buildup of toxic gases emitted during the degradation of the plastic, such as methane when it reached to landfill and react with other waste.

PET bottles are perfect for sealing away the plastic because they have an incredible longevity and protect the contents from UV rays.

  • Ecobricking raises ecological consciousness:  We often do not think about the afterlife of our discarded plastic bottles. Ecobricking addresses our short-sightedness, as making Ecobricks demands time and dedication, it leads to questions on the uses of plastic.
  • Ecobricks are a low energy solution to plastic: Recycling isn’t necessarily the best solution since the facilities demand technology, funds and a substantial amount of human energy. It also involves transportation and the waste can travel around the world before reaching its destination only to end up in a saturated recycling plant.

EcoBricks don’t require all that fuss, with anyone having the ability to make their own Ecobricks. It is a simple solution to a complex problem which can be applied anywhere by everyone.

If you want such session in your school,college, community. Contact team Rise Foundation NGO at 9717764262 or write us at


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