Waste Management Awareness Session in Dwarka Church on Environment Sunday

Today, 12th June 2022, team Rise Foundation was invited by one of the member Captain Thomas to impart knowledge in Waste Management in St James Mar Thoma Church, Sector 19B, HAF-1,Building No 2, Dwarka, Delhi 110075

The Church celebrates Environment Sunday, today. This Sunday the dedicated to spread awareness on the growing crisis and talk about our responsibility in nurturing nature..

In light of this, church invited us to tell about the initiatives they can take as individuals and community. “Every step counts !”

Rise Foundation delivered the session on Following topics:

  1. Current Situation of Waste in Delhi
  2. How Climate Change is related with Waste Management?
  3. Why Composting?
  4. How Composting using Terracotta Home Composter?
  5. Impact of Plastic Pollution and Ecobricks

It is learnt by the members that the environment situation is deteriorating because of uncontrollable emissions of Green House Gases.

Mr. Madhukar Varshney covered the main topics including Waste Current Situation in Delhi and Climate Change.

Inderjeet Singh covered the topic of Plastic Waste and Ecobricks. Ecobricks is easy and practical way to arrest plastic waste at source till there is no sufficient recyling in place.

Ms Anuradha took wonderful session on how to use Terracotta Home Composter to make compost from kitchen waste.

At the end all agreed that the Waste Segregation is need of a hour and will try as much as possible. People agreed to make ecobricks and submit to Rise Foundation, once enough ecobricks are collected , the set of benches will be made.

Home Composting benefits the climate in a few different ways, including by reducing greenhouse gas emissions at landfills, by promoting uptake of carbon dioxide by vegetation, and by making our plants and gardens more resilient to the effects of climate change.

The use of compost provides numerous greenhouse gas benefits, both directly through carbon sequestration and indirectly through improved soil health, reduced soil loss, increased water infiltration and storage, and reduction in other inputs.

For conducting such workshops in your society or area , reach us thru email : mail2risefoundation@gmail.com or at +91 97764262 (Madhukar Varshney)


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