Kids learnt about Waste Management during summer vacation

Team Rise Foundation delivered wonderful, interactive workshop on Waste Management problems and solutions to children and residents of Saket Court on 9th June 2022.

This workshop is organised by DLSA (Delhi State Legal Service Authority)- South wing in association with Rise Foundation.

Childrens and residents enjoyed and understood the current situation of Waste Management in Delhi and possible ways to fight with this maniac.

Mr. Madhukar Varshney covered the topic related to Waste Management situation in Delhi. Mr. Inderjeet covered the topic on plastic waste and ecobricks. Children agreed to make ecobricks. Rise foundation team gave them the target of making atleast 40 ecobricks to make bench in the residential campus.

Following actions are suggested to them:

1: Reduce: Make less waste in the first place! – Use biodegradable products . Carry cotton bag while going to market to reduce plastic waste.

2: Reuse: Many items you normally throw away can be used again and some items are made to be used over and over. An old tire becomes a swing. A cool lunch box replaces bags that are thrown away. Toys, video games, books, and clothes you’ve outgrown can be sold at garage sales or given to charities.

3: Recycle: Since there is not sufficient recyclers in city to handle plastic waste, it is better to arrest plastic waste at source by making ecobricks

4: Compost: Garden waste and food scraps (vegetables — no meat please) are not garbage — they’re future soil. By composting these items in your backyard, you can make a rich humus that improves soil, making garden plants grow better. Composting duplicates natures natural decomposition process in your backyard.

No single step can solve our waste disposal problems. Each option has side effects that must be considered when we’re selecting the best solution to each solid waste problem.

To carry out such workshop FREE in your area, please contact Rise Foundation at 9717764262 .


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