Ganpati Apartments Dwarka residents got awareness session on Waste Management

Sunday 13th Feb 2022, Rise Foundation team in association with CitySpidey online media conducted a comprehensive session on Waste Management, Climate Change and Plastic Pollution. The sessions covered the problem areas and the easily doable solutions by individuals or at community level.

Team Rise Foundation Ms Madhuri Rawat Varshney , Madhukar Varshney shared the current problem of Waste management , Landfill , crores of rupees spent on waste transportation and Climate change respectively.

Munish Kundra, also from Rise Foundation and secretary of Brahma Apartments Sector 7, demonstrated the eco brick method to manage single-use plastic which is difficult to dispose of and manage. He shared about the successful initiatives at Brahma Apartments that made use of eco brick method for solid waste management.

S. Kashyap from Ganpati Apartments who was coordinating the event for the society shared how Ganpati Apartments has been managing horticulture waste. She explained the process of home composting and demonstrated how jaggery water, buttermilk and other such ingredients could help more in the process.

President of Ganpati Apartment, KS Bhati gave a vote of thanks and appreciated the efforts made by CitySpidey and Rise Foundation to make the community for the informative session. Residents of Ganpati Apartments residents and management were also thanked for making the event possible.


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