INM PG College taken steps to fight Waste Problem

We carried out Solid Waste Management Session with students of Ismail National Mahila PG College ,Meerut on 25th Jan 2022. Topics covered are :
1. Meerut SWM Situation & Landfill
2. Waste Categories
3. Climate Change
4. Why Composting
5. Intro to Gigatonne Challange from Complexity University

Professor and students are motivated to start Composting at Home !!
Thanks Munish Kundra for sharing the knowledge with students from team RISE Foundation (NGO).

Facts about SWM Meerut City :
–Meerut City population 15.7 lakhs (2016)
–City generates about 600 Metric Tons= 600,000Kg = 6 Lac Kg of waste daily (500 grams per person){1}
–78% is daily waste collected (No record available on % of waste treated scientifically )
–The collected municipal waste from the city is landfilled at Lohia Nagar Hapur road, near Gaushi Pur village and Gawdi (Ganwri) officially.

There is a dire need of addressing the Waste Management problem in the Meerut City.
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