Miyawaki Afforestattion at Palwal (Haryana)

“A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

At RISE Foundation (NGO), we are doing our bit to keep city and surrounding green. This will help in future to maintain the air quality also. We carried out Miyawaki Afforestation at Palwal (Haryana) on 26th June 2021. This is 2000sq ft area , we have done plantation of 600 native trees saplings.

The Miyawaki forestation method is a unique way to create an urban forest and is pioneered by Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki. With this method of plantation, an urban forest can grow within a short span of 20-30 years while a conventional forest takes around 200-300 years to grow naturally. In the Miyawaki technique, various native species of plants are planted close to each other so that the greens receive sunlight only from the top and grow upwards than sideways. As a result, the plantation becomes approximately 30 times denser, grows 10 times faster and becomes maintenance-free after a span of 3 years.

Besides, Neem, Peepal, Jamun, Bakain, we did plantation of Chukrasia, Babool, Phulai, Phadai Papadi, Kosum, Doodhi, Pehi, Kair trees , Ronjh, Kumath, Lasoda, Goondi,Bistendu ,Meethi Jaal subtrees and Kadipatta, Ashwagandha, Adusa etc shrubs and small trees.

Thanks for Munish Kundra for being part of the project.

If any one want to get implemented this concept, feel free to reach me Rise Foundation at +91 97177 64262.

Look forward to do more such projects in the country.
Note: In this project,we are using Sugaracene bagaase as water retainer in place of cocopeat.

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