Miyawaki Technique based Urban Forest in Badusarai, New Delhi

Rise Foundation team successfully implemented its 3rd Miyawaki Urban Forest Project at BaduSarai Village in Matiala Constituency in association with Canara Bank and local citizens. Total 350+ trees of different native species were planted in 1200 sq ft area on 19th Nov 2020.

On the occasion of 115th foundation day, Canara Bank supported and sponsored the cause usnder CSR. Heartfelt thanks to AGM Sh P K Mohanty, Lead Distt Manager Sh Ananad Garg, Divisional Manager Sh S K Mohapatra and Bank Manager Sh Vaibhav ji, Manager Smt Rekha kumari, Asst Manager Ms Reena Prabha, Sh Sewaram for their kind presence , support and sponsorship of Miyawaki project under Corporate Social Responsibility.

Following members of Rise Foundation ( Madhukar Varshney Munish Kundra, Ramesh Mumukshu, @Rajkumar Chauhan , @Deepak Bhardwaj, Madhuri Rawat Varshney, Deepanshu, Pawan Saini, Yogeshwar, Kumar Thapa participated and from BaduSarai village members participated are Manish, Jatin Kadiyan, Mohit Khawdiya, Arun Phore, Rahul, Dishan Kadiyan, Tushar Sharma, Vishu Kadiya, Vikram Sangwan participated.

Seeing the current scenario of Air pollution in Delhi-NCR ,more and more green cover is needed on war foot and for sustainable growth of mankind. Since Dwarka is surrounded by 40% village areas where water bodies are drying and if such forest concept comes into existence, biodiversity can be maintained. Use of specific breed of plants can do wonder in water retention and bringing water table back to satisfactory level.

The project is implemented with the involvement of local citizens and crowdfunded.


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